HsiHo Huang

Video Resume

This is my first time to make a video resume.
Making this video was interesting and I enjoyed the process.
The video aims to show something not in my regular resume.
My goal is to introduce some points about me in 2 minutes and in a fun way.



* Computer Science - M.E. (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

2013 - 2015, National Cheng Kung University

* Computer Science - B.E. (GPA: 4.0/4.0)

2009 - 2013, National Taitung University
. Graduated top of my department.
(Total 109 people)
. Received Excellent Freshman Scholarship.


* Final contest, Microsoft Imagine Cup

. Used C#, Kinect SDK and 3Ds Max script to create a motion capture system.

* National bio-electronics competition

. Utilized PHP, MySQL, Highcharts API, Android and ThinkGear Socket Protocol to build a mobile brainwave monitoring system.

* High school tryout of World Robot Olympiad

. Designed, built and programmed a robot to complete a "Train of Alishan" challenge.
. Developed an algorithm to locate and collect a coke can and return home, while negotiating a steep incline.

Work experience

* TA, Database Management System Class

2014/02 - 2015/01
. Maintained course website, database and registration system for paper presentation and project demo.
. Used Linux, MySQL, PHP, Javascript and Semantic UI.

* Research assistant

2011/08 - 2013/07/31
. Developed a platform to integrate analyzed data on Facebook, Twitter and Plurk by using semantic technology.
. Utilized FB, Twitter and Plurk API, RDF and SPARQL.

* Online examination system administrator

2011/08 - 2013/06
. Set up and maintained the online examination system(Linux based) which has been being used in the midterm and final exams in Information Security Class(more than 50 people) since then.
. Led a 12-member team that in charge of adding and revising a variety of different types of online test questions.

Other experience

* Lab server and network administrator

2014/01 - 2015/02
. Administered Linux server, mail server, print servers, routers, firewalls, software deployment, security updates and patches.
. Maintained Lab website and performed network address assignment.

* Campus E-service Volunteer

2009/08/01 - 2010/05/31
. Assisted in troubleshooting software issues and computer hardware.
. Taught students and kids how to use software such as Microsoft Office.
. Received a Certificate of Volunteer from the Ministry of Education.


* Radio host

. Hosted the program at the student radio station of my department.

* Secretary general of the student association

2007/09 - 2008/06/30
. Planned total 6 activities, one of which is a cross-six-school activity with thousands participants.  Each of the others had hundreds participants.

* Drummer in a band

2006/11 - 2008/01
. Performed inside and outside the school.

Some of my projects